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FINDING YOUR BALANCE Course: Health100 Week #: 4 –Finding Your Balance Class objectives : 1) Encourage and connect with other students, and campus resources and events 2) Discussion on the relationship between stress and health 3) Discussion on relationship between stress and academic success 4) Personal Application – Finding your balance in the 4 pillars of wellness (Physical, Mental, Emotional/Social, Spiritual) 5) Coordinate small group project (week 10) based upon area of balance that you feel will have a significant impact on your overall wellness Big Take Home Message : The student’s lifestyle choices and wellness behaviors affect their mental, physical, emotional//social and spiritual health. Personal application exercise will identify
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Unformatted text preview: essential lifestyle behaviors that the student should engage in to facilitate their overall wellness. Class Outline (50 minutes) Greeting (5 minutes) Class Overview/Objectives (5 minutes) President Wagner Video (5 minutes) Education element: (10 minutes) PowerPoint slides (stress indicators, powerful techniques for healthy coping, stress less, directions for personal application Personal application- Draw and illustrate 4 quadrants using 4 Pillars of Wellness (crayons and paper – 15 minutes) Small group project (week 10) group identification (5 minutes) Relevant Resources/Upcoming Events/HW (5 minutes)...
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