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Vision and SMART Goal Setting There are 4 steps to completing this weeks homework assignment. Read over each step. Complete the assignment by answering the questions and filling in the blanks starting on page 4. 1) Complete the Wellness Self-Perception Assessment Identify areas where you are strong as well as potential areas for improving healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices. 2) Create Your Health/Wellness Vision Using your wellness self-perception results as a reflective guide, you will create a health/wellness vision statement. A vision represents a big picture, global view of who you want to become, or grow into , and what health-promoting, life-giving behaviors you will be engaging in consistently when you get there. It’s a compelling statement that reflects your most heartfelt needs and wants. Consider what you really need and want . Ask yourself: What kind of person do I want to be when it comes to my health and happiness? What would it look and feel like to be at my optimal health? What would the person I want to be do? Clarify your vision statement until it’s simple and succinct. Keep your vision in mind and, even better, in your heart, to serve as a guide for making the many choices on your path that moves you toward this vision. HLTH 100 Fall 2011
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HLTH100Week_1_Vision_and_Goal_Assignment - HLTH 100 Fall...

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