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HLTH 100 “Food and Your Health” Nutrition Assignment Part 2: Food and Health (50 points) 1. Go to , and log in to your free account that you set up for part 1 of this assignment 2. Click on Food and Health section on the left menu bar 3. Choose a topic of interest that is relevant to your own health on the left hand menu. 4. Find 2-3 interesting, research supported facts about your topic, and be prepared to share/discuss your facts with the class.
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Unformatted text preview: You are not limited to the livestrong website for these facts. 5. To receive full credit for this assignment you must complete the following: a. Summarize your three facts on paper b. Provide the reference (s) for your facts c. Bring a hard copy of your facts to class the week of 10/24/11 d. Present your facts to the class e. Submit the assignment to the Blackboard HLTH 100 site by 10/28/11...
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