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Week 5 Assignment: Goal Assessment and Strength In Action There are three steps to this assignment. Read over all the steps first. Complete the assignment starting on page 4. It has been a few weeks since creating your SMART goal and action steps. This week you will assess your progress. Next, you’ll update your action steps to take advantage of your strengths so that you keep moving toward achieving your goal. 1) REVIEW AND ASSESS For each of your action steps from Week 3, you will rate how successful you were over the past two weeks completing them. Use a 0 – 100% success scale and record in the blanks provided on the worksheet. 2) IDENTIFY YOUR STRENGTHS Complete the online VIA Survey of Character Strengths to identify your Top 5 Signature Strengths. If you have not already completed the survey, you’ll find directions posted in Week 5 on Blackboard . 3) USE YOUR STRENGTHS We all have strengths or unique talents, but don’t always appreciate or draw upon them. When you approach a goal from a position of strength, you will discover more natural tools at your disposal to be successful. You will be creating new action steps to take better advantage of your strengths. Focus on your Top 5 strengths and use them to help accomplish your goal. (NOTE: Keep your goal the same for the next couple of weeks) Here are a few things to consider when creating your week 5 action steps: -How can I draw on my signature strengths to accomplish my current health goal? -Reflect on the action steps you outlined over the past 2 weeks, are your core values and
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Week_5_Strength_In_Action_Homework - HLTH100 Fall 2011...

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