Bismarck and the States System, 1871-79

Bismarck and the States System, 1871-79 - Bismarck and the...

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Bismarck and the States System, 1871-79 Wednesday, January 26 th / 2011 Bismarck did not envision further expansion of Prussia under German Unification Luxemburg Crisis – saw France attempt to require the Germanic Duttchie from the Netherlands This protests of the French project was a sign that Bismarck had a debt still to pay Bismarck began to realize that France would get many opportunities (the 4 southern states gave them this) It was that feeling, that sooner or later, that soon dominated foreign policy towards those 4 southern states 1869 – he described the 4 southern German states as “ripe plums” The circumstances which provoked war between France and Prussia were beyond his control The king left it up to his cousin to make his own mind up, and the German candidate decided to accept the offer on June 19 th , 1870 Before the French could be presented with it, word leaked out The Prussia military accepted the succession of a member of the Prussia Royal family to the Spanish Throne Secondly, it is to that Bismarck eventually endorsed… He was concerned with Duc De Gramont Probably as much to test the meddle of the Gramont, Bismarck decided to push the project forward The French diplomatic protest was so strong, when they learned of the Prussian project, that the king of Prussia intervened – and he insisted that his cousin withdraw his acceptance from the Spanish Throne (July 12 th , 1870) it was at this point that Bismarck realized he suffered a significant defeat This same juncture, the French made a fatal diplomatic error Their ambassador to Prussia, was ordered to speak in person with the King of Prussia on July 13 th , 1870 The ambassador asked the king for a formal promise that he and the Prussia government would never again bring back the Spanish Throne ideal There was no intention of such a resurrection for the Spanish Throne – this was an effort to humiliate Prussia
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Bismarck and the States System, 1871-79 - Bismarck and the...

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