HIS103 - Britania Invicta

HIS103 - Britania Invicta - Britannia Invicta Trafalgar and...

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Britannia Invicta: Trafalgar and The Treasury Monday, November 29 th / 2010 Napoleonic Revolution Warfare – land warfare (climax in 1805) It has be argued that the victories had been seen as meaningless in the long term October 21 st , 1805 – British Fleet of 23 warships under the command of Nelson did battle It wasn’t the fact of British victory in that battle, but it was due to the way it was won “Nelson Touch” This victory doomed the Napoleon venture, to eventual defeat How British naval power sought off the threat of Napoleonic Invasion across the waters of the English Channel Assumption that the sea protected Britain from invasion 10 times between 1066-1688, Britain was invaded from overseas (across the sea) – it was faster to move forces over the sea rather than over land Investment of British naval power turned the seas into a potential barrier “The Blockade of Breast” – navy controlled the enemy coast for 2 ½ years – this steady naval patrol proved that this was a defensive contribution to Britain’s survival in the Napoleonic Wars Cornwallis Offensive victory had proved to be more illusive This was because of the nature of the fighting units at sea The heaviest shot that Napoleon’s artillery could shoot was 12lbs – on Nelsons ship, the heaviest guns could fire 65lbs Napoleons army of the North managed to drag around 366 guns, the heaviest of them being 12lbs Nelson’s army carried no less than 2,232 guns (they were floating artillery platforms) Why no decisive victories at sea? A part of it had to do with the construction of the ships themselves (they were almost unsinkable)
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HIS103 - Britania Invicta - Britannia Invicta Trafalgar and...

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