HIS103 - The Awakening of Europe- Spain and Russia

HIS103 - The Awakening of Europe- Spain and Russia - The...

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The Awakening of Europe: Spain and Russia Wednesday, December 1 st / 2010 Napoleon = Domination of Bonaparte 1807-1812 However, he was still haunted by Nelson Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar, set barriers to the extent of Napoleonic expansion (condemned Napoleon) In a sense, in terms of grad strategic significance, sooner or later Napoleonic France and Imperial Russia were condemned to a fight to the finish because of the longer-term repercussions of Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar Britain’s sea dominance meant more than to contain the tidal wave of Napoleonic expansion It gave Britain the opportunity to launch sea assaults on a hostile shore However this type f assault could not be sustained without local support that would side with the British British found out the hard way that the dominance of Europe relied on local populations It was Napoleon who presented such ready-made military forces to the British From 1808-1813, was one of the scariest and savage wars Europe had ever seen War of Independence – should not blind us to the fact that this was an imperial war (opened up), to give in to the scale of Napoleon’s imperial ambition Napoleon was beginning to exceed his own limits of power, to push even his own genius of war making to impossible levels – this became evident to foreign observers in the months after the Peace of Tilsit In October 1807 – Metternich (Austrian statesman); encountering Napoleon, discussing the emperor and his agenda, came to a rather worrying conclusion about Napoleon’s future foreign policy. Metternich wrote home in October of 1807 to war his Habsburg empire of this ominous point: “There has been a total change in the methods of Napoleon. He that is Napoleon seems to think that he has reached a point where moderation is a useless obstacle.” Napoleon’s excess of ambition, and a disregard of the public law of Europe would be demonstrated very soon in his rude and rough treatment of the Royal Family of Spain in the spring of 1808. (This is the beginning of what Napoleon admitted was the miserable Spanish affair that ruined him)
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HIS103 - The Awakening of Europe- Spain and Russia - The...

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