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HIS103 - The Congress of Vienna and the Congress System

HIS103 - The Congress of Vienna and the Congress System -...

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The Congress of Vienna and the Congress System Monday, January 10 th / 2011 The statesman who gathered in Vienna in September of 1814 through June of 1815 – the senior policy makers who made up the inner 4-5 representatives were confronted with an unprecedented mission The challenge confronting them was nothing less than to consciously plan the foundations of a functioning international order The previous example we inspected at some length and depth (the 18 th century balance of power) was much more of a bi-product of Europe That combination of stagnant military power plus a relatively shared view of the world was unlikely to reoccur, and really hasn’t since the 18 th century The challenge confronting the men at Vienna was to build an international order for all seasons This mission of rebuilding the bases of international order, was all the more intense because of the terrible secret which had been revealed by the decades of French Revolutionary war and upheaval Von Clausewitz – 5 separate campaigns – as he came to reflect upon his experience (for the future of the phenomenon of war) he arrived at a fundamental insight (see course handout for quote) The 18 th century BOP between the states of Europe, had been founded on blind ignorance of the power which given great powers to mobilize to make a realistic bid for continental domination In other words, the 18 th Century Bop was framed ground by psychological barriers (France had destroyed these barriers) France’s military revolution uncovered the secret of 18 th
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