HIS103 - The Diplomatic Revolution

HIS103 - The Diplomatic Revolution - The Diplomatic...

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The Diplomatic Revolution Wednesday, October 27 th / 2010 Frederick the Great was the standing menace of international tranquility He also did several peace deals with the Austrians Only entered when Silesia seemed to be in jeopardy Still, it was the subjective element that was very unstable (compared to the objective one) Its ability to maintain its frontiers, it was subject to increased attacks, etc = Prussia Frederick the Great Prussia’s objective vulnerability and Frederick’s subjective reaction to it He had to be constantly on guard that could threaten his own fragile hold on the state Prussia did not have a homogenous territorial base Prussia was divided into Prussia itself and a central block of territory including Bradenburg These scattered territories managed to produce the most feared fighting machine in Europe, but it was a desperately vulnerable foundation This is what made Prussia the unstable part of the system September 1755 – Anglo-Russian Subsidy Treaty – the British were now deeply engaged in commercial competition There was a mini war in the making between Britain and France Even though Britain realized it could fight off any threat, its European possession was vulnerable to French attack by France’s ally; Prussia Had to protect Hanover George II and the Duke of Newcastle paid 100,000 pounds annually to Russian Empress Elizabeth and her chief advisor to maintain a force in Russia and to come to its rescue if necessary
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HIS103 - The Diplomatic Revolution - The Diplomatic...

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