HIS103 - The French Revolutionary Wars Part 2

HIS103 - The French Revolutionary Wars Part 2 - The French...

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The French Revolutionary Wars: Part Two Monday, November 22 nd / 2010 The French soon sound themselves in war with all of the other powers in Europe By the summer of 1793, France found itself in retreat It appeared that the French economy was going to collapse William Pitt the Younger – “If we distress the enemy on more sides than one, while their internal distraction continues, it seems hardly possible that they can resist us further” This was a fatal underestimation Faced with enemies inside and outside, the FNC proceeded to respond with energy and force Committee of Public Safety – dominated by many personalities It probably was the most democratic government that ever existed It was a sub committee of the National Convention Margaret Majority used the committee’s members, and then proceeded to cast them aside One of their first actions – August of 1793 – “Levee En Masse” Even old men were sent to the market place to talk about stories of military heroism This decree of mass mobilization proceeded to provide France with the largest military force the world had ever seen (1,169,000 French soldiers were put into the field) They managed to equip almost ¾ of their manpower for war This mass of soldiery now required an entire rethinking of the way the French armies marched and thought The strict training of the Prussian Army were required The Order of March became the Order of Battle They were organized in a way that allowed these new recruits to learn fast and on the job Spring, 1793 – “Amalgame” Every two new battalions was blended with a single veteran battalion - so the French were changing to
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HIS103 - The French Revolutionary Wars Part 2 - The French...

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