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HIS103 - The French Revolutionary Wars

HIS103 - The French Revolutionary Wars - The French...

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The French Revolutionary Wars: Part One Wednesday, November 17 th 2010 Dumouriez – he was secretly a cryptic royalist who hoped for victory in foreign war This unlikely political combination of forces made for a distinct inclination on part of the French ruling elite to begin embarking on war Frederick William II – not known for his political insight – he was always on the watch for a new war, which might expand Prussia’s territorial base War broke out in April, 1972 The war went badly for France Many of the old veterans were retired, yet there was a popular support for war Summer of 1792 – French forces were composed of untrained, inexperienced recruits 20 th September 1792 – this somewhat ransack of French force (52,000 strong) combined by professionals and a mixture of new recruited units finally managed to close with the Prussian invading army in Valmy… managed to defeat the invading Prussian forces under the Duke of Brunswick – the army was composed of the former elite military personnel They were facing a battle tested Prussian infantry unit A few days before Valmy, a French force of 10,000 panicked and fled The Duke of Brunswick came up with an extravagant plan, but it was not seen as very effective, so instead, they used a direct style of attack The battle opened with an artillery bombardment on the French lines
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