HIS103 - THe Operation of the Balance of Power

HIS103 - THe Operation of the Balance of Power - The...

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The Operation of The Balance of Power – The War of Austrian Succession Monday, October 25 th / 2010 Perhaps the most powerful testimony to the institution came at the end of the decade in October 1740 (the death of Emperor Charles 6 th ), Maria Theresa succession to the Austrian Monarchy What Charles 6 th had done when he realized he was heirless, he proposed a deal (a settlement) in advance of the contingency of his own death? He circulated his democratic ascension to the other powers in Europe Francis of Tuscany With the succession of Maria Theresa, etc…it ensured order within Europe (the balance of power) i.e. a processes revived almost mechanically that the balance of power would assert itself It seemed to guarantee and ensure an orderly function of an international equilibrium, and therefore the survival of the great states that constituted that order On some occasions, Frederick II took a different view on the balance of power The ultimate test of the balance of power/new system= how does it accommodate change/welcome newcomers, how does that process of change happen? It tends to happen violently and therefore, an outsider power is a clear danger to its survival as a selective security system Prussia was not a great power in many ways due to internal issues…territorially, its claim, as a great power was feeble There were some lands in central Germany, and some along the Rhine (not a territory where you can build up) Prussia commanded respect of other powers to respect their want to be considered a great power candidate “Prussia is not a country which is an army, but an army which is a country”
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  • Spring '10
  • D.Smyth
  • Maria Theresa, Kingdom of Prussia, Frederick II of Prussia, War of the Austrian Succession, austrian monarchy

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HIS103 - THe Operation of the Balance of Power - The...

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