The Crimean War and Peace - The Crimean War and Peace...

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The Crimean War and Peace Monday, January 17 th / 2011 When you think about the versions of the Eastern Question, it seems almost beyond belief (the thought of the source of the problem) They fight because of fear or through hope – they hope to gain something through insecurity or through ambition Fear and ambitions grew in an unstable climate Series of internal revolutions that swept across Europe (this is what set Europe ablaze) It was the repercussions of these changes that would have influences on the international system that would creep into the Crimean Conflict Inside Britain, there was growing fear over the strategic fallout of these strategic revolutions There was a calculation in Britain, that the net effect of these domestic revolutions had given Russia an unwanted influence (a growing domination) – that the longer term geopolitical fallout had given Russia a projected power The BOP had turned into Russia’s favor Two factors led them to contemplate the act of war: June 17 th , 1849 – Partly because of its treaty organization and combined with the fear of the Hungarian nationalist movement, rattled not only Vienna, but it caused apprehension between Moscow, that the Poles would follow – Russia intervened and sent its troops into Hungary In London, it led to the conclusion that the Hapsburg Empire was a satellite of Russia The second event which confirmed this pessimistic analysis came on November 29 th , 1850 – Russia once again imposed its will upon the other great powers of Central Europe
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The Crimean War and Peace - The Crimean War and Peace...

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