The Great War – 1914-18- Part Two

The Great War – 1914-18- Part Two - The...

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The Great War – 1914-18: Part Two Monday, February 14 th / 2011 The British wanted to bypass the Western Front, but they were ill prepared for the complexities of warfare Reluctantly, the western allies returned to the western front The Central powers (Germany, and Austria-Hungary) had one more trick up their sleeve – submarine warfare U-Boats – appeared as a winning strategy Continuous war effort – Britain to continue playing its role as the engine, had to draw across oceanic sea lengths Needed to sustain its formable war effort (Britain) The Royal Navy could guarantee the security of the maritime areas But the invention of the submarine changed all that At a stroke, these submarines seemed to have a decisive advantage over surface vessels This gave them an absolute advantage on the attack The Germans realized that their hand were tied in attacking the merchant ships According to the law of the sea/war – German submarines had open season – they were allowed to attack British vessels, but they weren’t allowed to attack the vessels of neutral states The German government decided to unleashed a campaign on unrestricted submarine warfare Their strategic calculation on the amount of merchant tonnage they needed to sink to knock Britain out of the war was not scientific (it was a wild guess) The Germans knew they were at a risk of provoking belligerency on part of the US against them Realizing that they risked belligerency with the US, the Germans dimmed their sums, made political moves, and assessed the operation impact of US Intervention in WWI The sums were not worthy Politically, the figured a sideshow in the US would be sufficient to distract the Americans
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The Great War – 1914-18- Part Two - The...

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