The Great War 1914-18- Part Three

The Great War 1914-18- Part Three - The Great War 1914-18:...

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The Great War 1914-18: Part Three Wednesday, February 16 th / 2011 British soldiers – physically in good shape, morale soaring, and well equipped At the time, the claim of the entant powers – written France, Serbia, Portugal, etc – their claims are to be fighting for democracy, freedom were slightly hollow In none of the entant powers had half the population of women to vote Also, many of the male citizens didn’t qualify for the vote That political concession had to be made given the sacrifice of this generation The mass causalities (spilled blood and broken bone) persuaded millions that the conduct of IR in the past was fundamentally flawed if it had produced such a great catastrophe “New Diplomacy” – fairness, substitute ideals for the traditional calculation of national interest There was an outbreak of mass ideals when confronted with mass industrial warfare Initially, all the belligerent powers thought they could conduct business as usual In public, they subscribed to fine ideals to ensure their people stay loyal to their war efforts (the rights of small nations) Also, in public, the entant powers made a promise – September 5 th , 1914 – not to make any separate peace (France, Britain, and Russia promised to stay until the end, win or lose) As the campaigns got more intense, the western powers saw the wisdom of cementing their loyalty by offering them eventual territorial gains and compensations Spring, 1915 – Britain repudiated the policy March, 1915 – confronted with a battle for imperial survival with Germany, the British found the prospect of
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The Great War 1914-18- Part Three - The Great War 1914-18:...

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