The Great War 1914-1918- Part One

The Great War 1914-1918- Part One - The Great War...

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The Great War 1914-1918: Part One Wednesday, February 9 th / 2011 September 1914 – “September Memorandum” – endorsed by the German chancellor In that Memorandum, the general aim of the war from imperial Germany’s point of view – he defined that aim as follows: “Security for the German Empire to the west and the east for the conceivable future…to this end, France must be so weakened that it can never rise again as a great power. And Russia must be pushed back from the German frontier as far as possible, and its rule over the non-Russia subject people broken” (In other words, France was to be broken as a great empire and Russia was to be dismantled) Germany wanted the destruction of the existing International Order and the transformation of the European mainland’s dominated by Germany (middle Europe) into a platform to sustain Germany’s global competition When you look a the scale of the armies involved, the actual percentage of casualties were not that great Rapidly, the great struggle turned into a bloody stalemate Not so much two wars, but two ne front wars If you look at the sketches Falkenhayn, there was not a conception to take out the opposing armies in one take Let the French make the first move, and then respond in the most opportunistic fashion When the French, under Joffre almost committed suicide, which gave Moltke his opportunity The German surge initially seemed irresistible By August 23 rd , 1914 – 3 weeks after declaring war on France, the German invaders were literally inside of France Joffre now responded with genuine greatness He created a new 6 th army, and informed by the Germans of their lines – he concentrated this new 6
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The Great War 1914-1918- Part One - The Great War...

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