The Origins of the First World War – Part 1

The Origins of the First World War – Part 1...

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The Origins of the First World War – Part 1 Monday, February 7 th / 2011 Britain = technological revolution Inaugurated a fierce naval arms race The first major British diplomatic move to improve relations was the entant corial This resolution of longstanding colonial disputes alarmed Germany, and the Germans decided to act promptly to frustrate the French foreign minister that he could turn the deal into a European alliance Sir. Edward Grey was still somebody “hopes to copse and woo into” the entant corial – an inactive European alliance between Britain and France Their opportunity came when under the terms of the agreement; the French began to establish their authority over Morocco The Germans send the Keiser himself to Morocco, where he made it very clear to the local French repetitive at the end of March, 1905, Germany had vital economic interests There actually were no German economic interests in Morocco The Germans in private admitted that they didn’t want anything in particular; they just essentially wanted to make it clear that their interests had to be taken into account Splitting of the Anglo-French Bloc before it was crystallized Net Result = catastrophe for German foreign policy Soon the German Emperor was frightened by the “hornet’s nest” that he had broken over In effect, the outcome of the first Moroccan Crisis was a victory in opening up the country to French pressure The outcome was not the breaking up of the embryonic Anglo-French Bloc, but rather it’s tightening Grey was quite clear on the need for such an approximation to France “If we sacrifice the other powers to Germany, we will eventually be attacked” – Grey
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The Origins of the First World War – Part 1...

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