The Wars of German Unification

The Wars of German Unification - The Wars of German...

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The Wars of German Unification Monday, January 24 th / 2011 Napoleon III diplomacy had produced a brave, new world In the aftermath of this unsatisfactory of the national question, Napoleon III became a convert to great power cooperation These unsolved problems were Poland, Russia, Austria, and Prussia, the unsolved part of the Italian part, the Danuex Municipalities, and then there was the Question of the northern Dutchies (mixed ethnic habitation) – a threat to Danish-German relations Who had the right to rule there was one of the main question – it was said that only 3 people really understood the rights and wrongs of this question – one of them had died, one had gone insane… By the early 1860s, they were under Danish rule 1863, November 4 th Alexander II did not feel it was right, but wisely, his foreign minister said to wait upon Britain The Austrians were pessimistic, but they decided to temporize since they would be the losers of any such deal 1863, November 19 th – unanimously decided to advice the Queen Victoria to reject Napoleon III to address these pending questions to the European System it wasn’t so much about the rejection that speaks about the dangerous chaos Napoleon III had visited upon the European order The British PM said – “Such a meeting as Napoleon III suggested could only tend to bring out inbolder relief. All those differences of opinion and conflicts of interest which are in present kept in the battle” Napoleon III was about to reap the whirlwind That was the impass that Napoleon III contented Bismarck was an unlikely figure to resolve the issues of the day – he was almost a caricature (too far to the right) Yet, Bismarck had extraordinary ability to analyze situations – he was a “real politique”
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The Wars of German Unification - The Wars of German...

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