MIT18_03S10_c01 - 18.03 Class 1 Feb 3 2010 Introduction and...

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18.03 Class 1 , Feb 3, 2010 Introduction and first methods [1] Introduction [2] What and Why [3] Separable equations [4] Geometric methods [1] Welcome to 18.03. I hope you've picked up an information sheet and syllabus, and a problem set when you came in. All this is also available on the web. On the PSet you will see reference to: EP = Edwards and Penney, (6th or 5th ed). The very similar to the each other and to the 4th. I'll try to be sure to give the numbering from both. Notes = Notes and Exercises. Available from CopyTech in the basement of Building 11, though it is also available (in small pieces) through the course website. SN = Supplementary Notes. Available in sections through the course website. The first PSet is due Friday, Feb 12, at 12:45, in the cubbies at 2-106, next to the UMO. I also hope you went to recitation on Tuesday, where these yellow booklets were handed out. More are available here. Usually I ask students to manufacture the booklet themselves, but the UMO was kind enough to do that for you already. Yea! We'll use them for a primitive but effective form of communication between us. It's private; really I'm the only one who can see the numbers you put up. Today, only one question. More later. If you need to change recitation, go to the website and follow the link to the "grade management system," which is on Stellar. The sizes are limited. There are two lecture times for this course, 1:00 and 2:00. You can attend either lecture, BUT you should register in the hour at which you plan to take the hour exams. The information sheet and the website contain lots of other information. For example, my OFFICE HOURS are Wednesdays 3:15 - 5:15 : e.g., this afternoon. Any questions? You should also have picked up the listing of the 10 essential skills at your recitation. Teachers of these courses know the list of skills. They expect you will know how to do these things. Here's a list of some of the larger courses listing 18.03 as a pre-requisite or co-requisite.
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2.001 Mechanics and Materials I 2.003 Dynamics and Vibrations 2.005 Thermal-Fluids Engineering 2.016 Hydrodynamics 3.23 Electrical, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Materials 6.002 Circuits and Electronics 6.021 Quantitative Physiology: Cells and Tissues 8.04 Quantum Physics I
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MIT18_03S10_c01 - 18.03 Class 1 Feb 3 2010 Introduction and...

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