Systems Physiology- Syllabus Fall 2011

Systems Physiology- Syllabus Fall 2011 - SYSTEMS PHYSIOLOGY...

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1 Roseli Golfetti SYSTEMS PHYSIOLOGY (01:146:356) RUTGERS UNIVERSITY- DIVISION OF LIFE SCIENCES SYLLABUS- FALL 2011 DATE AND TIME: Monday and Thursday 9:15 am- 10:35 am PLACE: Hickman Hall- Room 138, Douglas Campus, 89 George St- New Brunswick, NJ COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designated to provide students an understanding of the function and regulation of organ systems and integration of all systems in the human body. In addition, the importance of mechanisms of communication and control/ regulation to integrate all organ systems to maintain the homeostasis will be emphasized. Course content will include principles of homeostasis, cell physiology, body composition, neural & hormonal control mechanisms, skeletal muscle physiology, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive- metabolism, renal and endocrine systems. The integrative body responses to exercise and to the effects of physical training will be presented along with their value as diagnostic tools in medicine. The goal of this course is to develop the student’s knowledge and understanding of the organ systems and human body physiology. Students should be able to identify the operational physiological mechanisms of the majority of the body systems and their function. It is also expected that the students understand the unique role of each organ and organ systems in maintaining homeostasis. They should also be able to distinguish between important physiologic concepts such as the steady state, dynamic equilibrium and homeostasis. It is expected that they understand the synchrony of many systems interacting simultaneously (e.g. neural control of cardio-respiratory response to maintain the heart rate and blood pressure). The students should be able to compare, contrast and integrate knowledge of the major organ- function and their complexity of the major body systems. For the students pursuing careers in the life sciences, pharmacy, allied health sciences and physical science curriculums, this course will be your primary exposure to the body systems and human physiology. It is essential to learn how the healthy body functions before you can learn how pathologies impair body
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Systems Physiology- Syllabus Fall 2011 - SYSTEMS PHYSIOLOGY...

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