Prison - Lighting (indoor and outdoor) - The process of...

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Lighting (indoor and outdoor) - The process of day-lighting will be used to light several parts of the building’s structure. Daylighting is the practice of placing windows, or other transparent media, and reflective surfaces so that, during the day, natural light provides effective internal illumination. The Sonoran Desert sun is sure to keep the inside of the prison and outside well lit during the day. - The cells located inside the mountain, and out of the sun, will be lighted with energy saving light bulbs run by energy collecting solar panels. The solar power that is stored will be used to light up the outside at night as well as the inside during the day and at night if needed. The indoor energy efficient light bulbs will be Philips SOFTONE 20-Watt light bulbs. The 20-watt light bulb is equivalent to a 75-watt regular light bulb as far as light produced. Ultralife Low Voltage Spotlights will provide outdoor lighting. All lights can be bought at discount when purchased in large quantities. Electrical Power Generation - Three processes will generate electrical power. A watermill will be placed on the prison’s section of the Colorado River to help create energy. This is can be easily made by a group of prisoners and is not very expensive. - Also multiple Hornet 1000 Series windmills will be put along the mountainside about and behind the building. The Hornet 1000 series states that many mountain tops, canyons, and passes can generate 1400 watts in 70 MPH type winds on many days of the week. - To help produce even more energy and electrical power, solar panels from Silicon Solar Inc will be placed all around the site in various high positions. These cells will be able to store energy during the day so that they can be the main provider of energy during the night. The watermill, wind turbines, and solar panels will all be connected to a central power grid. Heating/ Cooling - To keep the prison cooled the building will be positioned to face Northwest so that the sun doesn’t hit the front of the building. Also the cells are located inside the mountain, surrounded by the cool earth. - The process of evaporative cooling will be used to help chill the building. Evaporative cooling is a physical phenomenon in which evaporation of a
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Prison - Lighting (indoor and outdoor) - The process of...

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