Lecture 1 (Chapter 3) September 1 (10am)

Lecture 1 (Chapter 3) September 1 (10am) - Welcome to CHEM...

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Welcome to CHEM 1100/1110! Lecture 1 September 1, 2009
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1. It is difficult to learn something the first time you hear it in lecture. Before you come to lecture, try to at least skim the material in the book that we will be covering in lecture. Try to listen and actively participate in lecture – ask questions, answer questions – keep in mind that anything I write down will be posted online with the lecture notes. I request that you keep laptops closed during class – start now with “good” classroom habits. 2. Don’t spend more than 15 minutes on a problem unless you are making good progress toward the answer. If you are stuck on a problem don’t ignore it – seek help from me, your peers, a tutor, or your TA. 3. Don’t let more than two lectures go by where you don’t understand something. If you go to a lecture and something doesn’t click, go back to your room, look at your text, try a problem related to the concept – if at the second lecture you still don’t understand, seek help. This course moves quickly
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Lecture 1 (Chapter 3) September 1 (10am) - Welcome to CHEM...

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