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Lecture 1. Learning Outcomes ECSE-2410 Signals & Systems (Wozny) Spring 2011 Know: 1. definition of () () t r , t u , ( ) s H , Laplace transform integral, time constant, poles & zeros. 2. how to use First Table of Laplace Transforms and Properties (find transforms and inverse transforms.) 3. how to derive the transforms and properties in First Table 4. how to find inverse transforms via partial fraction expansion of transforms with real, discrete poles. 5. how to express signals in terms of step functions
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Unformatted text preview: 6. how to sketch a signal defined in terms of step functions 7. how to treat shifted signals, ( ) ( ) t t x t v = and sketch results 8. how to integrate and differentiate signals and sketch results (running integrals.) 9. how to use the voltage divider law to find transfer functions or differential equations of first order ckts. 10. how to solve first order differential equations with initial conditions 11. Realize: differentiate ( ) ( ) ( ) integrate t r t u t...
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