Human Rights Abuse

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Eng. 100 – sum. 85 (b) Hafez, F. ‘97 Adapted: Elshimi, S. ‘98 DIRECTIONS: In not more than 120 words, describe the influences of human rights abuse on society. Human Rights Abuse The most obvious cost of systematic human right abuses is human suffering. The pain of the victims of torture or other serious abuses does not cease with their release from their ordeal: long term physical and psychological damage is a very frequent consequence. Treatment and rehabilitation of such individuals, and their families’ shattered lives, is a cost immediately borne by the victim and his support group, but at some point a part of this cost is ultimately shared by the society. The society pays far greater costs, too. A situation in which a government systematically oppresses its people can properly be described as one in which a government is at war with its people. Such a government can only be described as illegitimate because it fails the most elementary test of promoting the interests of its
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