Emotional Intelligence and Destiny

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Unformatted text preview: Eng. 100 - Sum. 190 Hafez, Fall '99 Directions: You have 45 minutes to read and summarize the following passage. The number of words in the passage is indicated in brackets, at the end of the passage. Your summary should be approximately one third the length of the original text. Emotional Intelligence and Destiny IQ tests offer little to explain the different destinies of people with roughly equal promises, schooling and opportunity. When ninety five Harvard students from the classes of the 1940s were followed into middle age, the men with the highest test scores in college were not particularly successful compared to lower scoring peers in terms of salary, productivity, or status in their field. Nor did they have the greatest life satisfaction, nor the most happiness with friendships, family, and romantic relationships. To be sure, there was a general link (as there always is) between IQ and socio-economic level. But childhood abilities such as being able to handle frustrations, control emotions, and get on with other people made the greater differences.people made the greater differences....
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