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Eng. 100 – sum. 99 (a) Elshimi, S. ‘98 DIRECTIONS: You have 45 minutes to read and summarize the following passage. The number of words in the passage is indicated in brackets, at the end of the passage. Your summary should be approximately one third the length of the original text. Genetic Engineering The debate over genetic engineering research is exactly analogous to the debate over commercial nuclear power. In each case, the majority of scientists consider the technology safe, but a vocal group of citizens says the experts are biased by potential economic gain and should not be trusted. In each case, opponents correctly claim that no one can guarantee 100% safety and that the consequences of an accident would be so catastrophic that the technology should be abandoned. In each case, proponents contend that the potential benefits for humanity vastly outweigh the minuscule risks. Now genetic engineering has reached the courts, where Federal Judge John J. Sirica recently issued an injunction to prevent a University of California researcher from intentionally
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