Globalization - and managing a network of outsourcers and...

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Globalization: Expanding Business on a Global Scale Globalization Through Outsourcing and Localization In today’s economy, businesses are forced to rapidly expand beyond their immediate borders into the global marketplace with two very different goals: one, to manage extreme growth by opening new markets, or two, to manage extreme cost reductions by taking advantage of resources in low- cost regions of the world. Globalization presents organizations with a significant set of challenges – the localization of brands, translation of materials and web sites, global program management, building
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Unformatted text preview: and managing a network of outsourcers, and more. In addition to these corporate issues, the global trends we see in emerging technologies can be intimidating to organizations of any size. As the largest provider of globalization and translation services, Lionbridge understands these challenges, and we’ve helped the most innovative and strategic companies in the world address them. The content in our free white papers and webinars will prove useful to other organizations seeking global business solutions....
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Globalization - and managing a network of outsourcers and...

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