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Eng. 100 – Sum.83 Elshimi, Spr. ‘98 Directions: You have 45 minutes to read and summarize the following passage. The number of words in the passage is indicated in brackets, at the end of the passage. Your summary should be approximately one third the length of the original text. IQ Testing Carole Hruskocy Recently, controversy has arisen among educational psychologists over the fairness and validity of I.Q. tests as a measurement on which to base decisions about educating and employing individuals. Many authorities in the field legitimately hold that these intelligence tests can measure only existing capabilities, are culturally biased, and unfairly label people as impaired. These objections appear to be valid, and thus call into question the continued dependence on these exams as determiners of people's futures. Those who argue for continuing to use IQ tests feel that future potential can be projected only from measuring current abilities. Yet, these same people define intelligence as "the entire repertoire of acquired skills, knowledge, learning sets, and
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