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Eng. 100 – Sum. 140 Garas, Spr. ‘98 Directions: You have 45 minutes to read and summarize the following passage. The number of words in the passage is indicated in brackets, at the end of the passage. Your summary should be approximately one third the length of the original text. Are Women Better Bosses? Mary Schnack In sharp contrast to polls taken only a few years ago, a new survey shows that two thirds of all Americans would not mind working for a woman. This growing acceptance of women in positions of authority does not surprise Natasha Josefowitz, a professor of business administration at the University of California in San Diego. In fact, based on her interviews with hundreds of executives for her book, Paths to Power: A Woman's Guide from First Job to Top Executive , Josefowitz says that women are better managers than men. They are more sensitive to office politics and the feelings of subordinates. "Women are skilled at noticing small details and subtle changes in events.
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