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Eng. 100 –Sum 13/14 (b) Hafez Fall ‘95 Adapted: A. Elshimi Spr. ‘98 DIRECTIONS: For each of the five italicized words below, write a definition in your own words. Try to think of examples of your own to fit each of the categories of social movements. Social Movements A social movement may be defined as a collective attempt to further a common interest, or secure a common goal, through collective action outside the sphere of established institutions. The definition has to be a broad one, precisely because of the variations between different types of movement. Many social movements are very small, numbering perhaps no more than a few dozen members; others may include thousands or even millions of people. Some movements carry on their activities within the laws of the society or societies in which they exist, while others operate as illegal or underground groups. Often, of course, laws are altered partly or wholly as a result of the action of social movements. For example, groups of workers which call their
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