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Eng. 100 – Sum. 169 Hafez, Spr. 97 Directions: You have 45 minutes to read and summarize the following passage. The number of words in the passage is indicated in brackets, at the end of the passage. Your summary should be approximately one third the length of the original text. Sports Interactions Many factors determine whether people interact cooperatively or competitively. Theses include the reward structure of the situation, cultural values about competition, individual differences in competitiveness, communication patterns, and the effects of reciprocity. One important factor is the reward structure of the situation - the way in which rewards and the desired outcomes are allocated. A competitive reward structure exists when one person's gain is another's loss. In an Olympic swimming match, only one person can get a swimming medal. If a college course is graded on a curve, only a few students can get A grades. In these situations, the outcomes of group members are negatively linked: an individual does best when others do poorly. In such situations, a
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