The Role of Books

The Role of Books - Eng 100 Sum 92(b Hafez Fall ‘96...

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Unformatted text preview: Eng. 100, Sum. 92 (b) Hafez, Fall ‘96 Adapted: Elshimi, S. 98 DIRECTIONS: What functions does a book serve i. generally ii. for mass communications purposes? (Limit: 110 words) The Role of Books Books are a medium of mass communications that deeply affect out lives. Books convey much of the heritage of the past, help us understand ourselves and the world we live in, and enable us to plan for the future. They are a significant tool of our educational process. They stimulate our imagination, and they provide entertainment for people of every age. The nation’s current educational, business, and social life could not survive long without books. Judges and attorneys must examine law tomes and their computerized indices continually; doctors constantly refer to the repositories of medical wisdom and experience; government officials must be aware of the ramifications of new legislation. Teachers and students find in textbooks the vast knowledge of history, philosophy, the sciences, the arts, literature, and the...
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