Tips on writing final term paper

Tips on writing final term paper - Tips on writing final...

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Tips on writing final term paper: The final term paper should be less than 6 pages and not larger than 10 pages in length and you are required to submit. You should hand in your paper by the last day of classes. Plagiarism Please note the following general advice on plagiarism when writing your essay: All material consulted in your paper should be listed in a bibliography at the end of the paper. This includes materials drawn from web-based sources, whether these are individual web pages or resources such as online encyclopedias or databases. All quotations used in essays must be clearly indicated as such by the use of quotation marks and, again, precise details of the source of each quotation (including page references) must be provided. Students should make it as clear as possible when the ideas they are quoting are drawn directly from someone else’s work, whether this is in the form of a book, chapter, article, web review, etc. CHECKLIST FOR WRITING Term Papers This checklist is meant as a guide and gives an indication of the types of points we will be looking for when marking your essays. Key points 1) Papers should include: a) an introduction announcing your main topic (or central argument); b) the main body , in which you illustrate your points with discussion of specific relevant scenes or shots from the film(s) you are analyzing, and c) a conclusion in which you summarize your arguments. 2) You should illustrate each new idea you introduce with specific examples from the
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Tips on writing final term paper - Tips on writing final...

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