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Environmental Analysis - :Environmental Analysis Regarding...

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Environmental Analysis : Regarding Nestle's external environment,the economic factors play an important role. The Egyptian Economy is in recession, as are most other economies in the world. However, The Egyptian Economy is believed to be in a state of steady continuous growth as the real GDP growth in 2007 was 6.80%. The people's average incomes have also increased which is likely to lead to an increase in the peoples' willingness to spend. However, there has been a dramatic rise in inflation of the prices of most products and services, lately which in turn may have an incontrollable effects on Nestle juice . The technological forces are also important. The current technology that Nestle uses is top-of-the line. When Nestle Juice  will be introduced, it will use different machines in order to make fresh, healthy and delicious kinds and flavors of juice. Moreover, Nestle could use the internet as away to assess its new product which is the juice.As more and more people are having access to the internet, it will be easier for the
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Environmental Analysis - :Environmental Analysis Regarding...

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