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marketing mix_in progress - Nesfresh.juice UP your health...

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Unformatted text preview: Nesfresh...juice UP your health Product strategy: Nestle is well known for its good brands and high quality products. Nesfresh juice is classified as a consumer product as the purchasers will directly consume it. Juice is a non-durable good and can be classified under the convenience product (FMCG) because they are low priced products that do not involve much effort to choose and consumers can find the juice almost everywhere. • The core product of Nesfresh will be providing the basic benefits a consumer needs from the juice, which is satisfying their need when they are thirsty and feeling hot. Not only this, but also Nesfresh will provide its consumers with a healthy drink with a high nutritional value. • The actual product will be the juice itself with the different flavors whether traditional flavors or newly introduced as watermelon, pomegranate and banana with milk. Each juice pack will be 300 Liters in size. This volume is more than the available juices in the market. Also, the packaging of Nesfresh apart from the fact that it will be attractive, it will be in a way that provides convenience for consumers, facilitates product usage and storage and at the same time protect the product from heat, pollution and other environmental factors. • The augmented product will be in the form of a service given to consumers when they purchase a certain number of Nesfresh juice per month. We will have deals with Gyms and international sports clubs to offer our consumers free vouchers per month when they purchase a certain number of juice. Product Quality : Since Nestle is best known for offering products of high quality, we hope that we will maintain the same quality when we introduce our new brand Nesfresh in order to satisfy our customers and obtain an advantage over our competitors. Our quality objectives do not just include the quality of the product and the marketing mix, but also the total quality management, which focuses on empowering our employees and...
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marketing mix_in progress - Nesfresh.juice UP your health...

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