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Product strategy - :Product strategy Nestle is well known...

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Product strategy : Nestle is well known for its good brands and high quality products. Mixology's juice is classified under consumers' products as they are directly consumed by the purchasers and used in other operations. Juice is a non durable good and can be classified under the convenience product (FMCG) because they are low priced products and do not involve much effort and consumers can find juice almost everywhere . The core product of Mixology will be providing the basic benefits a consumer needs from the juice which is satisfying their need when they are thirsty. The augmented product is that the bottle of juice will be large : 300 ml. and it is apart of a credible brand which is Nestle . Product Quality : Since Nestle is best known for its offering a high and trusted quality of products,we hope that we will maintain the same quality when we introduce our new brand Mixology in order to satisfy our customers and obtain an advantage over our competitor . Nestle's Product Width and Depth
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Product strategy - :Product strategy Nestle is well known...

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