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Final - Employee Orientation Wk 9

Final - Employee Orientation Wk 9 - New Employee...

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New Employee Orientation Welcome the new employee. Smile, and tell them everyone is happy they have come to work in the establishment (Truesdell, 1998). This can make a big difference. Showing them around the facility, pointing out any important features along the way like emergency exits and hazardous areas would definitely make a big difference. It is important to make them feel comfortable and for them to relax as much as possible. Introduce them to people you meet along the way. Chances are your new worker won't be able to remember everyone's name when they are through with the tour, but he or she will at least have been given the chance to learn who the each individual is. As the new employee is introduced, explain what job they will be assigned and who they will be reporting to. This will help existing employees mentally fit the new person into what they know of the organization. Introduce the new employee to the supervisor they will be reporting to, if they haven't already met. Show them their work station and where to get any supplies they might need. Talk briefly about important contacts they will want to remember, such as the person responsible for ordering supplies, the payroll person and any others that may be key to the operation. Prepare a checklist of subjects which should be reviewed with each new employee and then set aside the appropriate amount of time so that can be done. Always convey to the new person that they are the most important item on the agenda at the moment.
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