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Unformatted text preview: - ABSTRACT - Strategically Aligned Decision Making, Human Resource Management, and Organizational Climate By Edwin Santbergen MSc RSM Erasmus University esantbergen@rsm.nl In recent years there has been increasing emphasis on the importance of strategy implementation and execution. For instance, resource-based view theorists now recognize that the ability to implement strategies is, by itself, a resource that can be a source of competitive advantage (Barney, 2001: 54; in Becker & Huselid, 2006: 901). Also, according to Becker & Huselid (2006: 901), within the field of strategic human resources management, the challenge is to operationalize the process of strategy implementation so that it can provide a useful guide to empirical work. The research project proposed in this paper focuses on decision making as an essential aspect of strategy implementation and as such introduces the concept of Strategically Aligned Decision Making as an indicator of strategy implementation. Strategically aligned decision making is defined as decision making practices that are implementation....
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2C_Santbergen - - ABSTRACT - Strategically Aligned Decision...

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