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ITC204/ITC504 Sample Exam Page 1 of 2 Case Study Australian State Government authorities hold details and plans on the location of underground service conduits, channels, pipes and corridors. These include the locations of electricity, gas, water and telecommunications conduits. The locations of the various service conduits are plotted as separate layers in a Geographical Information System (GIS). Each layer can be overlaid onto a map of an area to display the location of these services in relation to other major features shown on each map. A continual problem for service providers is the tendency for home owners, builders and contractors to accidently dig up these service conduits. This leads not only to an interruption to service for a number of the service users, but can also be quite dangerous to the person who interrupts the service. Disruption to a gas or electricity conduit can affect the local community for some time. You have been engaged by a State Government Authority to design an interface for a
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ITC204_201130_SampleExam_2 - ITC204/ITC504 Sample Exam Case...

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