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1 This guide will provide general guidelines for configuring your ADSL router/modem in Layer 2 PPPoE. Please follow the following guidelines. If you require further assistance, please contact your ADSL router/modem manufacturer. Users of ADSL USB only modems 1. Uninstall the driver of your modem. This can be done by going to Start -> All Programs -> find your modem driver -> click on Uninstall . Alternatively you can also go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add/ remove programs - > select your modem driver -> click on Change/Remove -> Confirm you want to uninstall 2. Reinstall the driver of the modem You will need the CD that came with your modem else you can download the latest available driver from the manufacturers site. You will also be able to download the set up guides from here. Please ensure you use the following settings if/when asked: a. Connection Type/Encapsulation: PPPoE LLC b. Encapsulation Mode: LLC c. VPI: 8 d. VCI: 35 e. Modulation i. For ADSL customers – G.dmt ii. For ADSL2+ customers – Multimode or ADSL2+ f. Security Protocol: PAP or AUTO After the installation is complete, you may be asked to reboot your PC 3. Connecting to TPG After you have re-installed the driver, you should now get a PPPoE dialler on the desktop. To connect to the Internet: a. Double click on this dialler b. Fill in the User name and Password fields: - User name: <TPGusername> @L2TP.tpg.com.au for Fixed IP plans OR <TPGusername> @PPP.tpg.com.au for Dynamic IP plans (e.g. adsl1234@L2TP.tpg.com.au) Generic ADSL Router/modem Configuring in Layer2 PPPoE for Windows XP and 2000
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Other_ADSL_Modems_and_Routers_PPPoE - Generic ADSL...

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