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Responsibilities_19Apr08_ck_1-3 - WBSNo 2 3.1 3.2 3.4 3.5...

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WBS No. ACTIVITIES N/O Ops Dirs NY St Aud PM Tech Lead DCTR PCTR RSP RSA Logs Lead CCFM BC Ops Lead CCOM RST RA 2 Project Initiation C I R, A C I IIIC CI C C I I 3.1 Call Center Facility Reqmnts I I I C C CCCR AC I I 3.2 Call Center Communications Reqmnts II I R , A I I C AI I 3.4 Call Center Reservation Sys Reqmnts I C C CCAC R C 3.5 Call Center Mgt Reqmnts A C I IIII R A I C 4.1 Cost Estimation C C R, A C CC IIC C C C I 4.2 Project Budget Development C C R, A C C I 4.4 Training I I I I C CCCI R C 4.6 Call Center Design/Construction I I C I I CCCR C I 4.8 Call Center IT Infrastructure I R A I CCI C C 4.9 Data Migration Plan I I I R I I C A C I I C I I I 4.11 Develop Call Center Procedures C C R A C C 5.1 Reservation Sys Install Contract C C RC C CCCC C I 5.2 Call Center Construction Contract I I A C C I I 5.4 Call Center Installation I I I R A C I I C C C I I I I 5.6 Deploy Reservation System I I I R A C C I C I I C I I I 5.8 Acquire Call Center Staff I I C I R A C C 5.9 Conduct Call Center Training I I IC III R A C C 6.1 Test Technology Components I I I R A CCCC I I I I 6.2 Test Call Center Procedures I C CIIII R A C C
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