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Communications Management Plan New York Campground Project File Name: Comms_4Apr08_mh Created: 8-Mar-08 by CK Modified: 4-Apr-08 by MH Version: 1.1 Latest Change: edited and reformatted 1. Introduction The Communications Management Plan for the New York Campground Reservations System Project is designed to ensure the timely transmission, reception and capture of project information; ensure that both external and internal stakeholders are current on project activities, target deliverables/dates and changes; promote internal and external feedback; identify regular meetings, reporting and ad hoc communications venues. This plan will be flexible and responsive according to ongoing project needs. This plan outlines: Information content and collection Information sender Information receiver Information venue Information frequency 2. Collection and filing structure for gathering and storing project information a. Content collection Content will be generated, collected and captured across all phases of the project. b. Content formalization Content will be captured in MS Word, Excel, or Project files as required. Files will be named by document title, date of creation, author’s initials and version number. Document formatting parameters: document header block containing document name, date, author, and version history. One inch margins, Times New Roman or Arial, 12 point font. c. Content storage Working files will be stored in the web-based project repository.
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Comms_4Apr08_mh_1-1 - Communications Management Plan New...

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