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ITC493 Exam Guide - ITC493 ‐ Guide to Exam The exam...

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Unformatted text preview: ITC493 ‐ Guide to Exam The exam consists of two parts: Part A – Multiple Choice question Each question is 1 mark, total of 50 questions. All questions to be answered. This would take up about 50 minutes of your time. Part B – Short Answer Each question is 20 marks, total of 3 questions. All questions to be answered. This would take about 60 minutes of your time. Previous to 201060, the exam was only a multiple choice exam but at the request of students, a short answer section was incorporated. The exam is 2 hours. Note that questions below will not appear in the exam. Part A Multiple choice questions have 4 distractors with each question. Shade the right answer with a 2B pencil. Erase all unwanted marks cleanly off the sheet. Bring a battery‐powered unprogrammable calculator to the exam. A simple calculator is sufficient; you cannot use your mobile phone/iPhone as a calculator. The following are examples of a multiple choice test. The questions may reflect a previous version of the textbook. Students may discuss the answers but the lecturer will not provide an answer to these questions. 1. In the example of the project of building a house, the ____ would normally be the general contractor responsible for building the house. A) project sponsors C) project manager B) project team D) support staff 2. What works on one project may not work on another, so it is essential for project managers to continue to develop their knowledge and ____ in managing projects. A) Time C) funding B) resources D) skills 3. According to the 2001 Standish Group study describing what factors contribute most to the success of information technology projects, ____ percent of successful projects are led by experienced project managers. A) 75 C) 97 B) 80 D) 100 Part B Short answer questions require the candidate to provide about a page of answers. Note that nothing written on the left hand side of the exam answer writing booklet (the blank side) is taken into consideration. Write concisely (provide the facts) rather than a commentary. Legible handwriting is important as well. Start each question on a new page. Remember to put the question number on the answer sheet as well. Question 1: Pick any TWO of the following and explain (in fair detail) to a person unfamiliar to project management. a. What is a stakeholder? b. Return of Investment (ROI) Question 2: Explain what is Risk Management. State what kind of risks are associated with the supply and installation of a network of 50 new computers in an office building in a busy central business district. Compare and contrast this to doing the same job but in a quiet suburban area of your city. ...
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