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Risk Analysis/Mitigation/Response Plan New York State Campground Project File Name: RiskAnalysisPlan_6Apr08_ck2.2 Created: 6-Apr-08 Modified: 29-Apr-08 Version: 2.2 – corrected document title - ck 1.0 Introduction. The objective of the project risk analysis is to document and evaluate the key risk exposures to the New York State Camping System project during pre-and post contract award. The project risk analysis is designed to complement any other processes in place such as the business case supporting the project proposal. The project risk analysis provides the New York State Project Manager with a summary of the potential risk exposures associated with partnerin g , with a contractor to accomplish the objectives required of New York State. The analysis will locus on risk exposures during the contract source selection process followed by a focus on risk exposures during implementation and operation of the system. 2.0 Pre-contract award risk identification 2.1 Service risk factors Risk factor - Change in an existing service. Response strategy – Requires early monitoring to ensure technical assistance issues are addressed adequately. Risk factor – Fiduciary responsibility for New York State funds. Response strategy – Requires on-site review every six months due to handlin g , of state funds. Determine if sound fiscal system is in place. Risk factor – SOW complexity. Response strategy – Requires early monitoring to ensure technical assistance issues are addressed adequately. Risk factor – Patrons exposed to safety hazards. Response strategy – The contract should address this risk by ensuring that adequate insurance is required Risk factor – Federal fundin g , is used on the project. Response strategy – Federal funding requirements must be evaluated to ensure all federally required reporting, and controls are included in the contract and monitoring tools Risk factor – Payment method to be used:
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Performance Based: Response strategy – contract must include adequate reporting to ensure required performance is achieved. Fee for service: Response strategy – Reporting must include adequate tracking of services performed Cost Reimbursement – contract must include language to track progress toward achievement of contract to ensure budget isn't overspent in early stages Risk factor – Contract will be awarded using Competitive procurement or Non- competitive or sole source. Response strategy – If contractor is non-competitive or sole source, documentation of the basis for the award should be included I the contract file. There is a higher risk of scrutiny or protest for non-competitively awarded contracts Risk factor – Project has a high profile or negative press. Response strategy – Determine the program and fiscal implications of negative press. May need to temporarily suspend contract activity.
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RiskAnalysisPlan_29Apr08_ck_2-2 - Risk...

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