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gSOT_TRU East_Z2_Res_v1 - Residential Gas Price and Product...

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TRUenergy Gas Zone 2 # - Residential Tariffs Effective: 23/01/2011 TRUenergy Standing Offer Tariff Tariff 03 - Domestic general GST Excl GST Incl Bi-monthly supply charge $27.98 $30.78 Commodity charges (c/MJ)*: 0 to 3,200 MJ (peak) 1.4500 1.5950 Greater than 3,200 MJ (peak) 1.2900 1.4190 0 to 3,200 MJ (off-peak) 1.3600 1.4960 Greater than 3,200 MJ (off-peak) 1.2100 1.3310 * For a copy of the TRUenergy Customer Charter, visit www.truenergy.com.au/charters Residential Gas Price and Product Information Statement Peak usage is between 1 June and 30 September inclusive. Off-peak usage is all other times. This information statement presents a summary of the tariff and the key terms and conditions applicable to this offer. If you would like further information or are interested in taking up this offer, please follow the links to the quoting page on our website (www.truenergy.com.au) or call 133 466 In accordance with the our Customer Charter, we may vary the charges you need to pay every six months or when we have About this document # Eligibility:
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