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Stakeholder Analysis New York Campground Project File Name: NYCampground_StakeholderAnalysis_8Mar08_ck Created: 8-Mar-08 Prepared by: Carol Kentner Version: 1.1 Organization Role Interest level Influence level Unique factors Handling NYSORPH Director High Medium-low very tough, give him room workaholic, -but keep worked his way frequent up, micro-mgr, contact not friendly w/ NYSDEC has more seniority but not well-liked NYSDEC Director Medium-high High relaxed, smart, goes with knows a lot, the flow, well-respected and very insightful liked he likes to stay in the background NY State Auditor High-medium Medium position in transition AORA Senior Medium-high Medium quiet, new to big on Finance Ofcr position and courtesy area
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Organization Role Interest level Influence level Unique factors
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Unformatted text preview: Handling NYState CCOM High Medium just hired for knows what this position, she is talking comes from about, high telecomms value industry perspective CityOfAlbany Mayor High Medium 3 term Mayor, just let him helpful know when to turn on the PR machine Verizon TeleComms High Low-med has worked on freq. contact Contractor many state contracts BlueMan Construction High Low-med freq. contact Contractor NewHorizons Training High Low freq. contact Contractor LocalSoft Data Center High Low-med Contractor Project Teams Tech High Low-med seasoned project contact as required Logistics High Low-med professionals Ops High Low-med NYSOPRHP - New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation NYSDEC New York State Department of Environmental Conservation AORA Albany Office of Revenue Accountability...
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StakeholderAnalysis_6Apr08_ck_1-1 - Handling NYState CCOM...

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