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North Carolina Testing Program Multiple Choice Test Development Process Flow Chart Curriculum Adoption 1. a Develop Test Specifications (Blueprint) 2. b Develop Test Items 8. b Develop New Items 16. b Review Assembled Tests 9. b Review Items for Field Test 17. Final Review of Tests 3. b Review Items for Tryouts 4. Assemble Item Tryout Forms 5. b Review Item Tryout Forms 6. b Administer Item Tryouts 7. Review Item Tryout Statistics 10. Assemble Field Test Forms 11. b Review Field Test Forms 12. b Administer Field Tests 13. Review Field Test Statistics 15. Assemble Equivalent and Parallel Forms 18. ab Administer Test as Pilot 19. Score Tests 20. ab Establish Standards
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Unformatted text preview: 21. b Administer Tests As Fully Operational 22. Report Test Results 14. b Conduct Bias Reviews a Activities done only at implementation of new curriculum b Activities involving NC teachers Phase 1 (step 1) requires 4 months Phase 2 (steps 2 - 7) requires 12 months Phase 3 steps 8 - 14) requires 20 months Phase 4 (steps 15 - 21) requires 4 months for EOC and 9 months for EOG tests Phase 5 (step 22) requires 4 months TOTAL 44 - 49 months NOTES: 1. Whenever possible, item tryouts should precede field-testing items. 2. Professional development opportunities are integral and ongoing to the curriculum and test development process....
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