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Lecture 4 – Support structures Readings: Zillmer: Ch. 5 pp 122-133 Ch. 5 figure 5.11 Review Questions: 1. Name the 7 structures caudal to rostral. 2. Which structure in the adult human brain comes from the vertebrate myelencephalon? 3. Which structures in the adult human brain come from the vertebrate metencephalon? 4. What is another name for the vertebrate mesencephalon? 5. Which structures in the adult human brain come from the vertebrate diencephalon? 6. What structures in the adult human brain come from the vertebrate telencephalon? 7. What are the names of the meningeal membranes? Know outer to inner order. 8. What is the result of folding of the dura? 9. What is the subarachnoid space? What structures and liquid in that space? 10. Where are subdural and subarachnoid bleeds? 11. How many ventricles are there, and where in the brain are they located (i.e. what brain structures would you use to locate them), what is the fifth bit related to the
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Unformatted text preview: mesencephalon? 12. What is cerebrospinal fluid? Where is it formed? How much of it is formed on average per day? 13. What are the main functions of the CSF? 14. Be able to describe the blood supply to the brain and the Circle of Willis (identify on picture), including: internal carotid arteries, vertebral arteries, basilar artery, anterior, middle and posterior cerebral arteries, anterior communicating artery (1) & posterior communicating arteries (2) 15. What cerebral arteries supply the frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital lobes with blood (you dont need to know this by surface, just which one or two for each lobe) 16. What is the blood-brain barrier? 17. How do tight junctions, and astrocytes contribute to the BBB? 18. What is the point of having an incomplete BBB in places? 19. Where is the area postrema and what does it have to do with BBB?...
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