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Lecture 6 Forebrain, Readings: Zillmer Chapter 5, pp. 147-152 Ch. 13, pp. 370 – 375 (assessing) not box 13.1, pp. 376 (complications) to 381 (sports-related) not box 13.2 Review questions 1. Where is the pons, what is one of its functions? 2. Where is the cerebellum? What are the three sections (distinguished by function) of the cerebellum, and what are the functions (generally) of these sections? 3. What is another name for the mesencephalon? What are the tectum and tegmentum? 4. What sensory systems are the superior and inferior colliculi associated with? 5. What is the connection between the substantia nigra and Parkinson’s disease? 6. From where to where does the reticular formation extend? 7. What are the two main structures in the diencephalon? 8. Where is the thalamus located, why is the thalamus important? 9. What is general is the function of the limbic system? 10. Be able to identify on a diagram the amygdala, hippocampus, hypothalamus,
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Unformatted text preview: pituitary gland, the cingulate gyrus 11. What are the functions of the hypothalamus? 12. What is the pituitary gland, and what is its function? 13. Where are the basal ganglia located in the brain? 14. What are the three structures that make up the basal ganglia? 15. What functions is the basal ganglia associated with? 16. What is the direction of the connections to, within and from the basal ganglia? 17. What are sulci and what are gyri? 18. Where are the longitudinal fissure, lateral fissure and central sulcus? What is the Sylvian fissure? 19. What are the general functions of occipital, temporal, parietal, frontal lobe, what does prefrontal cortex do 20. What are the other names for the pre- and post-central gyri? 21. What is the corpus callosum, what does it do?...
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