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7+General+disease+processes - Lectures 7/8 General brain...

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Lectures 7/8 – General brain damage Readings Ch. 13, pp. 370 – 375 (assessing) not box 13.1, pp. 376 (complications) to 381 (sports- related) not box 13.2 Ch. 12., pp. 357 (tumors) – 361 (diagnosis) Ch. 12 Read section on anoxia and hypoxia Ch. 12. pp. 342 (overview) to 347 (diagnosing) Ch. 12. pp 363 (other) to 367 (not box 12.4) Review questions 1. What are the research strategies used to figure out what different parts of the brain do? 2. What is inflammation? What is the function of inflammation? 3. What are the 5 classic signs of inflammation? (Latin and English), Which ones are related to the vasodilation, increased permeability parts of the inflammatory cascade? 4. What is TBI? 5. What are the major causes of TBI (not %ges as CDC figures differ from the book) 6. What is the difference between open/penetrating and closed TBI? 7. Name some causes of open TBI? 8.
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